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Alterna Caviar Repairx Split Ends Mend 1 Oz

$ 35.00
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A restorative treatment that reduces the appearance of primary split ends by 93.3% after just one use. Hair is left healthy, smooth, soft, manageable and fully restored.

“The Science of Skincare for the Hair”


• Applied to damp or dry hair, this reparative product mends and seals damaged ends while restructuring and strengthening strands

• Strand-Building Proteins fill in the gaps and tears in the cuticle, resurfacing and fortifying strands to make hair stronger and smoother

• Works to prevent breakage and other damage from occurring, and restores hair to its youthful state

• Absorbs instantly to control frizz, leaving hair soft and smooth

• Visibly reduces split ends by 93.3%, by binding primary split ends back together



• Ideal for all hair types

• Dual phase formula is contained in two separate chambers: when the product is pumped out of the component and emulsified, the two formulas - one of which seals the cuticle to prevent future damage and one of which smooths the hair - are activated

• Free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dye, petro-chemicals, phthlates, GMOs and Tricolsan

How to use

Apply to towel-dried hair, focusing on the ends. Blow dry and style as usual. Can also be used on dry hair to smooth and finish ends after styling.

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