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GK Hair Global Keratin Color Shield Conditioner

$ 10.99
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GKhair Color Shield Conditioner unleashes the significant hair essentials such as the Color Protection, UV/UVA Shield and Juvexin, which defy the true identity of healthy hair and healthy maintenance for the hair color. Furthermore, these sulfate-free and paraben-free hair products would block the possible hair damages while keeping your hair free from harsh chemicals. 

One of the primary functions of this Conditioner is UV/UVA Shield Protection that will help block harmful sun rays that usually causes hair dryness and split ends. These products work in complete synergy with the NEW GKhair Juvexin Cream Hair Color Line so expect best results when used along with the rest of the products from the line. Without a doubt, your hair can maintain its intense, vibrant color while nourishing it from inside and out. There’s nothing more beautiful than the hair being at its healthiest state.

JUVEXIN Color Shield Conditioner Just how JUVEXIN Color Shield Shampoo is specially formulated for colored hair, JUVEXIN Color Shield Conditioner also gives off essential nutrients for the hair color's protection and moisture enhancement

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