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GKhair Global Keratin Treatment Miami Bombshell (Blonde)

$ 250.00
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GKhair Global Keratin Treatment Miami Bombshell (Blonde)
GKhair’s Miami Bombshell Taming Blonde Treatment is your everything is one bottle for blonde hair smoothing! Miami Bombshell is ideal if you are looking breakage protection and hair repair. At last Hair Smoothing with Hair Body. Miami Bombshell prevents breakage, repairs damage and smoothes the hair. 
Juvexin - Keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized to restore hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state.
Natural oils and pearl extract to achieve optimal hair health and moisture. 
· Quick and Effective Application
· Cut Styling Time to Half!
· Intense Repair and Shine
· Silky Smooth Hair Straightening
For Salon Professional Use Only 
The step-by-step guide to Miami Bombshell’s application: 

1. Shampoo hair twice with GKhair pH+ Shampoo
2. Towel Dry & Section the hair
3. Apply GKhair Bombshell evenly throughout the hair with an application brush 0.5 cm from the scalp to the ends, removing excess product from the hair with a fine tooth comb
4. Cover with a plastic cap for 5 to 30 minutes under the heater
5. Rinse to the point the water runs almost clear
6. Dry with a towel then Blow dry with a round brush 100% dry
7. Flat-iron the hair to seal the cuticle

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