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GKhair Miami Beach Clay Lightener Pouch 500 g (16 Oz)

$ 33.00
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GKhair Miami Beach Clay Lightener Pouch 500 g (16 Oz)

The Miami Beach Bombshell lightener is GKhair’s first blue base clay lightener. That means it doesn’t just easily lift color (up to six levels), but it also neutralizes brassy tones in a one-step highlighting process. It is fortified with Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend, to achieve a healthy blonde hue.

I told Mato I wanted lighter, brighter highlights that better framed my face. He told me he would do just that, along with bring up my existing highlights a bit and blend into my natural base shade, about a level 6 brunette.

Balayage highlights: Miami Beach Bombshell lightener mixed with 40 volume developer
Glaze: GK Cream Color 10.1 mixed with 8 volume developer

STEP 1: Balayage paint highlights and let process for 50 minutes (no heat).
STEP 2: Rinse, tone with glaze and let process for five minutes.
STEP 3: Rinse, blowdry and style.

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