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Global Keratin Shield Additive

$ 99.99
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Global Keratin Shield Additive
Juvexin a keratin anti-aging Protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state.
Soy Extracts to promote healthy hair growth and regeneration.
Watermelon Seed Oil contain essential amino acids to keep the hair shiny and strong.
Protects against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each hair strand.
· GKhair’s Shield Additive is an intermixable product with salon professional treatments protecting the hair.
· Creates new bonds in the hair before damage can occur.
· Worry free chemical processing.
GKhair Shield Additive compliments GKhair professional services and creates new bonds in the cortex of the hair while simultaneously protecting the hair’s existing natural structure. This additive is perfectly compatible with Lightening Powder, Juvexin Hair Color (Cream and Oil) and Hair Taming System with Juvexin. Aside from those, this additive is also compatible with several hair services such as; hair perming, Japanese Straightening, Hair Relaxing, Direct Dyeing and Henna. Adding GKhair’s Shield Additive to these products and procedures would make the hair stronger and more elastic to be able to give stunning results.
How to Use: 
The GKhair Shield Additive is mixed with the salon’s own professional mixture as this is meant to deliver premium protection to prepare and protect each and every strand of the hair against damage from preceding intensive hairstyling procedures. Dispense an appropriate ratio of the GKhair Shield Additive depending on the normal mixture of the professional in-salon service applied. Once the service has been rinsed from the hair then proceed to apply Lock Me Color Masque to fuse the newly formed bonds and lock in the color and moisture.
Shield Additive can be mixed with any chemical service to preserve the integrity of the hair including, relaxers, perming, direct dyeing or other coloring methods.

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