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Keune Design Press Wax

$ 9.50
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Keune Design Press Wax provides a tousled texturized finish. It combines the lightness of a spray for feather-light application with the qualities of a wax to add body and volume with no extra weight to the hair.

What it does:
Create a tousled, bouncy look with NEW Design Press Wax! This soft, non-oily spray wax provides texture, definition and body to any hair type, without weighing the hair down. The product can be easily distributed to all sections of the hair and has a satin-matte finish. 

Hold factor: 4
Shine factor: 6

Why it works:
The lightness of a spray enables for feather light application with the qualities of a wax. The added soft fluid wax provides strong contours for a texturized, defined and separated look.

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