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Lakme Lak 2 Instant Hair Conditioner

$ 17.98
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Lakme Lak 2 Instant Hair Conditioner

Lakme Lak-2 instant hair conditioner.Instant two-stage conditioner with double action. pH 3.0. The combination of a protein derivative and a cationic active ingredient specifically targets the most sensitive areas to bring them the softness and conditioning they need without matting the hair.

Instantly disentangles the hair and enhances its shine while protecting and preserving the hair fibre from external aggression.

Alphahydroxyacid: Closes up the cuticle. Straighter, shinier hair.

Volatile silicones: Attach themselves to the most badly damaged areas. Don’t make hair greasy. Provide shine and volume.

Cationic polymers: Disentangle, straighten and provide softness without matting. Straighter, shinier, softer hair that is easier to comb.

Hydrolyzed proteins: Restructure the hair fibre. Deeply nourish the hair.

APPLICATION: Wash and towel dry hair before applying. Leave-on product.

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