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Lakme Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo

$ 25.56
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Lakmé Teknia Extreme Cleanse shampoo is a shampoo which are designed to clean and refresh depth hair and scalp. Its mission is to prevent environmental contaminants from sticking to the hair fiber. Extreme Cleanse Shampoo is enriched with fruit acids and green tea, which adds shine and softens hair. Regulates oily scalp.

Consisting of wheat amino acids, which act from the inside of the hair fibers. A complex with high moisturizing effect. Amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber and restores the optimal moisture level. The hair regains its balance and shine, softness and flexibility - healthy hair is restored.

Lakmé Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo does not contain:

  • Parabens.
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG).
  • Mineral oils.

    Use of Lakmé Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo:

  • Extreme Cleanse Shampoo is applied to wet hair.
  • Massage thoroughly into hair and scalp.
  • Then rinse thoroughly.
  • Alternatively, you can then use a regular shampoo.

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