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Alter Ego Italy Pure Diamond Lift 2 Oz

$ 20.25
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Pure Diamond Lift is a permanent coloring cream with a powerful lightening effect that lifts up to 5 tones. It makes the hair fiber more hydrated, suppler and shinier. It balances and tones the coloring pigments. It helps protect the color from yellowing and guarantees maximum hair protection during the lifting process.
  • PURE DIAMOND SHINE. HL.2 Irise’ =  lifts and neutralizes intense yellow tones to reach beige-iris effects
  • PURE DIAMOND SHINE. HL.91 Pearl Ash = lifts and neutralizes light yellow tones to reach pearl blonde effects
  • PURE DIAMOND SHINE. HL.7 Beige = lifts and neutralizes unwanted warm tones to reach sandy-blonde effects
  • PURE DIAMOND SHINE. HL.0 Natural = reaches maximum lift and a translucent “pure blonde” effect 
  • PURE DIAMOND SHINE. HL.1 Ash= for ash-blonde lift effects, neutralizes unwanted orange-yellow tones


Mixing 1:2 with Cream Coactivator 40 vol.

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